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Top Quality & Affordable Wheels for Sale in Sydney - Eagle Tyres

Eagle Tyres provides the best in wheels from major brands at unbeatable prices. Buying from us guarantees a high-quality product that will suit your personal needs and preferences. Just browse through our online wheel range and you'll find the choicest wheels that include Alloy, Mag, Chrome, Chrome Alloy and Chrome Mag variants.

Eagle Tyres sell wheels that are tough, durable and affordable! If you have doubts regarding the wheel that will fit your vehicle, without wasting your valuable time pick up your phone and dial 02 9637 4355 to receive our expert's recommendation.

Eagle Tyres is conveniently located in Granville, Sydney and service nearby suburbs such as Auburn, Paramatta, Rosehill, Silverwater, Harris Park, Merrylands and Guildford.

Alloy Wheel Size Explained

Whenever you are going to buy wheels for your vehicle you need to know your car's wheel dimensions as well as various factors and characteristics for a perfect fitment. Here's a brief explanation to help you break down the wheel's dimensions and to help you ascertain whether they are the right values for your car.

Wheel Diameter

The wheel's diameter can be calculated by measuring across an alloy wheels' face (omitting the lip flange) ensuring to pass straight through the wheel's centre. Mounting flange needs to be compensated as they aren't included in the measurement.

Wheel Width

The wheel's width can be calculated by measuring across the wheel from front to back (aka "Depth"). The measurement of the inner barrel only is to be taken omitting the mounting flange to obtain the exact width of the alloy wheel.

Wheel Offset (ET)

Look at the back of the alloy wheels and you'll see the stamped offset on the back of the wheel. The term "offset" is used for an alloy wheels' measurement and how far in, or out, it sits in relation to the hub's mounting face.

  • Positive Offset: Hub Mounting Surface is in front of the centre line and closer to the wheel face.
  • Positive Offset Identification: Shallow spokes on the face and a large inner wheel barrel.
  • Negative Offset: Hub Mounting Surface is behind the centre line and distant from the wheel face.
  • Negative Offset Identification: Very deep concaved spokes / front face dishes and a relatively smaller inner barrel.

Every vehicle has its unique offset range. If you use a very low offset then the wheels and tyres may rub on the car's arches. On the other hand if you use a very high offset, chances are the wheel might sit too far in the arches and could end up scrubbing on the suspension components. It is always better to consult expert wheel and tyre dealers in case you are confused about your wheel's ET.

Wheel Markings

Inspect the back of the alloy wheels - the diameter, width & offset would be stamped on the back of the spokes upon production, by most of the manufacturers.

Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD)

Pitch Circle Diameter (aka PCD) is a circle's diameter drawn through the centre of the wheel bolt holes. PCD is evaluated in millimetres and also shows the number of bolts or studs the wheel possesses.

The most commonly used fitment has 4 studs and a pitch circle diameter (PCD) of 100mm providing the fitment "4x100". The perfect way to measure PCD is with the help of a PCD guide; however, if you don't have one, you can measure approximately with a ruler. With a 4 stud wheel, just calculate the distance between the centres of 2 opposite wheel bolt holes across the centre of the alloy wheel. Calculating a 5 stud wheel is trickier as you just can't measure between 2 opposite wheel bolt holes centres. At certain occasions, the wheel's PCDs, widths and offsets are stamped onto the inside of the alloy wheel on the back of the spokes. That's why it's simpler to look at the wheel first before trying to calculate by yourself as some of the fitments are very near to one other i.e. 4x98 & 4x100.

Centre Bore

Centerbore is the size of the hole (center hole diameter) on the back of the alloy wheel. The alloy wheels' - offset, pitch circle diameter (PCD), centre bore and the vehicle hub bore - all must match so that the wheel sits flawlessly, centred on the hub, to negate any vibrations at speed.

We Sell Wheels of Top Brands

Stamford Sport Wheels (SSW)

Stamford Sport Wheels (SSW)

Stamford Sport Wheels (SSW) specialises in manufacturing premium aluminium alloy wheels. With sizes ranging between 13 inches and 24 inches and ingenious designs for passenger cars, SUVs, MPVs and light trucks, you’ll be captivated with SSW’s generous wheel choice. 

View Stamford Sport Wheels (SSW)
Avant Garde (AG)

Avant Garde (AG)

Avant Garde Wheels manufactures high-quality wheels giving equal consideration to quality, performance and style. AG has raised the limits of what was considered as the wheel industry’s norm. AG realises the fact that even the finest looking wheel can get busted with inappropriate sizing, so AG engineers their wheels with the correct fitments right from the start.

View Avant Garde (AG) Wheel


Make your drive unique with Lenso's new and ultra-modern designs. Lenso’s alloy wheels ensure that you get top performance and fantastic styling for your ride. Lenso provides your car with a distinctive personality and style. Lenso’s wheels are available in a huge range of sizes and different polishes.
View Lenso Wheel


Ballistic wheels are the toughest looking wheels in the 4x4 aftermarket segment. Extremely strong, crisply styled and with an unquestionable strong appeal, they’re just awe-inspiring!
View Ballistic Wheel


Marcello Wheels was established to create multi-piece wheels with the highest standards of workmanship and technology. Marcello Wheels’ objective is to make wheels that are designed and directed to achieve the optimal style and performance.

View Marcello Wheel


Venti wheels are stylish and strong along with styles of 20-inches and 22-inches for cars, SUV's and trucks. Venti wheels are one of our best lines, especially for custom wheels and its high shine makes Venti wheels the ultimate choice.
View VENTI Wheel


Bazo wheels are our premium pick for design and quality! Bazo wheels are a perfect choice for a car, SUV, crossover or truck as it has the finest quality of chrome, distinctive styling and great prices. 
View BAZO Wheel


Refreshingly sleek styles that are getting finer and better with the new chrome plated Zora wheels. Wheels for a charming Lamborghini or a good looking SUV or somewhere in between - Zora wheels are the next novel step in custom wheel fashion.
View ZORA Wheel


Avenue wheels are the top selection for sophistication and design! Avenue wheels have an exceptional styling, excellent chrome and fantastic prices, making it a great choice! Avenue wheels are available for most of the passenger cars, SUV’s and trucks.
View AVENUE Wheel


MKW wheels provide a modern futuristic choice of matchless and magnificent wheels. MKW’s wheels range is available for passenger car, SUV, crossover etc. The wheel size ranges from 16-inches to 26-inches to fit all kinds of vehicles.
View MKW Wheel


Advanti Racing carefully crafts every wheel design with accuracy and bold styling, inspired by its very own sport-luxury vehicles. An unparalleled level of quality is at the centre of every wheel manufactured. Wheels are manufactured based on the basic principles of Advanti Racing’s history in F1 racing. This distinctive resume defines Advanti Racing wheels as genuinely sought-after.
View ADVANTI Wheel


Diamo wheels are made using premium quality alloy materials so that it can deliver the best possible performance and might. With Diamo wheels, you can drive in style! These distinctively designed wheels will be highly noticeable in crowds and would turn heads.
View DIAMO Wheel