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There’s nothing like fleeing away and unwinding with a group of friends or family members on a pleasant winter car ride. Whether you’re spending quality time with your loved ones at a holiday home or moving towards on an exploratory skiing trip, bear in mind that the trip is just as crucial as the destination. This indicates you’ll require preparing adequately and not just loading your car with pillows, blankets and snacks but should also ensure your vehicle is in top condition for the trip. Do not use chrome wheels as well as some machined accent wheels as they may succumb to damage due to winter weather as well as snow and ice melt chemicals.

Driving in merciless winter weather is a different world altogether than when it’s warm and sunny outside. An Australian winter, for the most part, isn’t going to be the most terrible thing for your car. But the drop in temperatures and intense weather can still play their bit in lowering the performance of your car in a number of ways. Winter driving or road trips can be thrilling but it’s vital for your car to be aptly serviced and maintained for the drive. Also you may need the perfect set of 4×4 tyres. Thus, you need to carry out an exhaustive check of your car’s exteriors, interiors and internal functions before you get started. Here is the list of handy tips to get your car in top condition and make it ready for winter driving!

Making your car ready for winter road trips

car ready for winter
  • First and foremost, you need to make sure your vehicle is roadworthy by Australian standards and that your car’s registration and insurance are current.
  • Make certain that your car’s tyres have the right tread and are fittingly inflated. If your car’s tyre’s tread is worn down, you may have trouble driving on wet roads as your car’s tyres will make an effort to maintain their grip on the slick surface.
  • It is worth investing in winter tyres if you know you’ll be driving in snowy conditions in your road trip. These tyres are purpose-built to endure and power through the toughest winter conditions, keeping your car safer on slippery roads. You can always a visit one of the established tyre dealers near you to get the best quality.
  • Inspect your car’s battery and make sure the fluid levels are topped up. Next, inspect car’s battery for overheating and ensure the battery is ready for the winter escapade. Keep in mind that car batteries do experience a decline in power in cold conditions, so if your car’s battery isn’t up to date, you may find it difficult to start your car.
  • Also, consider cleaning your car’s windscreen, test the wiper blades, refill the windscreen washer container and inspect the working of the demister.

Tips for driving in winter

Winter Driving Tips
  • On wet roads, you should apply your car’s brakes in a smooth and progressive way. Never ever apply brakes in haste because it can cause your vehicle to lose control.
  • Always be on alert for any possible unsafe conditions and pay special attention to road signs when driving on unknown roads and terrains.
  • Whenever visibility is poor, turn on your car’s headlights; for instance, if it’s foggy, dark, raining or snowing. It’s imperative that you are able to see and be seen on the roads in low visibility conditions.
  • Be calm and maintain patience because you’ll be required to drive slowly and cautiously. Thus, you need to plan beforehand in order to calculate your travel time.
  • Be very careful when driving on wet roads and leave yourself ample time and space to respond to any unanticipated dangers.
  • When you begin your trip, ensure you’re feeling fresh and not tired. In case, you feel drowsy while driving, pull over your car and take a short nap until you feel more alert and attentive.
  • Observe a 3-second rule carefully and be sure to leave adequate space between the vehicle in front of you and your car.
  • When driving in wintry conditions, always keep in mind to increase your vehicle’s braking distance.

Summing Up

Whether your car needs an overall routine maintenance or just a new set of tyres, it’s prudent to visit Eagle Tyres, an established tyre shop in Sydney. This will guarantee that you have a hassle-free and enjoyable winter road trip. It is better to be safe than sorry! That’s why it is important to take all the requisite preventative measures before embarking on your winter road trip.

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Tips To Make Your Car Ready For Winter Driving
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