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When it comes down to choosing the right Kumho Tyre for your vehicle, it is imperative to first look at the vehicle and then ask each of the individuals about his or her driving habit. Kumho has 2 or 3 tread patterns that can be used in each tyre size in Australia. The type of tyres your vehicle will need is determined by your driving habits. Some people live in the city but they often drive great distances on holidays or use freeway significantly, others live outside the city but travel to work daily and others will drive just around the city. The way you drive the vehicle can, in fact, match the tyres and tread pattern. Therefore, when it comes to choosing a tyre, keep in mind that you have got options.

Louder Tyres: Performance Tyres

Normally speaking, if you need something ultra high-performance because you drive and corner your car quite hard, you’ll possibly have a tyre that can be a bit louder. This particular type of tyre tends to acquire a tread design with sharper angled tread blocks that can generate more sound. Therefore, most of the tyre companies out there, want to make tread design that has a balance between low noise and performance, for instance, Kumho ECSTA HS51.

Fuel Economy & The Ecowing Range

Can a tyre be environmentally friendly? A majority of the people will think these are only tyres that get better fuel economy; however, there is more to discover. The drop in fuel consumption is because of Ecowing Kumho Tyres, which has lesser friction with the road and reduced rolling resistance. Due to less of road resistance, the tread lasts longer, so you won’t require brand new tyres as swiftly as was anticipated by you. What this means is, less drag of tyre on the road translates to less engine fatigue, less fuel intake and lower emissions.

The refined rubber that Kumho uses on the Ecowing range is certainly different to that of others. We leave behind a residue on the road when we drive our vehicles, which can be washed away into the gutters. Kumho’s Ecowing is manufactured from a compound, which is more eco-friendly than traditionally manufactured tyres.

Quieter Tyres: Tread Patterns

Kumho Tyres formulate tread designs that aid different vehicles. When a customer arrives with a particular vehicle, we can match his/ her requirements with a tread from the range of Kumho tyres. For those people who need a quiet tyre, Kumho tyre range has a tread design that can make sure it is quiet on the road and offers a more tranquil drive.

It relates to harmonics – How they distance the tread blocks, and the size of these blocks decides the amount of sound generated while driving. When you closely inspect the tyre’s shoulder, you’ll observe that each of the blocks has a different size and they all produce a different type of sound as they travel on the road. Thus, quieter tyres are designed, so that those different sounds, in fact, negate each other.

Road Comfort

The tyre’s capability to ‘dampen’ and take in more shock from the road is something referred as road comfort. Instead of traditional rubber or carbon black, Kumho has attained road comfort by using the silica compound and rubber. As synthetic rubber has the more dampening ability, it can take in more shock. The complete high-performance range is built using silica technology.

Final Words

Indeed, it is hard to believe that a tyre can be fully eco-friendly, but the blend of the compound in the Ecowing is friendlier, and has less of the carbon black and more effortlessly breaks and stops the vehicle. Therefore, when you fit Kumho tyre to your vehicle, you are on the right track one hundred percent!

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How to Choose the Right Kumho Tyre For Your Vehicle
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How to Choose the Right Kumho Tyre For Your Vehicle
Therefore, when you fit Kumho tyre to your vehicle, you are on the right track one hundred percent!
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